How i help the internet community and why i feel that has to be done.

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Recently i got a new server, the idea was to get a machine ready for myself as test/deploy server where i can play with virtual environments aswell. Like always when geeks go shopping i ended up with a totally overpowered machine. Not that i dont wanted to, i always had in my mind to host a few services as soon as i earn enough money for that (which i do now).

Why “”

At first a short explaination why i use that domain name. I didnt even plan to publish the domain so i planned to go with the cheapest tld, .PW. Then i wanted something memorable. 3 Chars are premium domains, and similiar were aswell. But then i found that is somehow not a premium domain and just purchased it.

I ended up putting a blog in the front anyway.

What is it? is not only one thing, there are several services running on there mainly a tor relay and a cryptocoin node box which currently only hosts a fast bitcoin node, but will be plugged with other coins as soon as i see some that i like and could need some more bandwidth. I am happy to help your unique coin idea launching by hosting a powerful node for a few months, just ask :). There also is a Torrent deamon which seeds several OpenSource software projects.

Why the Tor relay.

People usually get why i like to seed OS torrents, people also accept why i like cryptocoins but some people wonder why i do believe in Tor. Those people usually are the same who have all their Tor knowledge from the “” Zeitung. Tor for sure is used for suspicius activity but that only proofs that it is working. As more and more countrys, even my own, are willing to censor and monitor the internet it gets more and more important to say no.

But we dont say no, we arent in the position to say anything, atm it seems that the U.S. Wordpolice does anything they want to the internet anyway, while we in the democratic countrys just can watch how the internet gets destroyed from a day to day basis. But there is one thing that we can do, we can encrypt. We can try to encrypt everything. The more we encrypt the harder it gets to read and understand all the traffic they get.

Also we need to make sure that there is always a backup environment to our normal internet where things can happen when the goverment decides that they dont want it in their internet.

I am sure this sounds somewhat paranoid for a young guy living in switzerland, but dont think about me. Think about millions of people in countrys where it is way worse. Think about the people in China who are not even able to get a clear view on their history within their internet. Think about the country which dictator decided to kill anyone who leaks anything bad about him to the internet.

We need the possiblity for a secure and anonymous channel to communicate. Way may dont need it now, but maybe someday we will. We need to be ready.

~ This is pretty much all i wanted to say, keep going. If there are open questions, feel free to email me.

Written: 10.09.2014
Keywords: server, tor, side project, charity, bitcoin

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