I started to play with Facebook. I cant say i expected anything of what happened.

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Like baiting like a boss

I feel i have to start with a little disclaimer. No i dont like Facebook nether do i use it usually. Id rather see Facebook as one of the biggest problems we currently have, or maybe just a symptom of it. But thats another article i never will write because i already rage enough privately.

So one day i got sick, not sick enough to keep the whole day in my bed but way to sick to do anything productive or even follow a simple child series. So what to do if you feel to broken for everything? Well there is Facebook.

So i decided today is the day where i get a huge Facebook Fan Page followed by thousands of sheeps who would buy whatever i wanted them to buy.

Creating the pages

Do you know that Facebook pages usually are hard work? People expect you posting not to stupid stuff on a regular base, try it. Its gets boring VERY fast. Atleast for me. So what i have done, and i wont get into to much details until my experiment is over, was aggregating data from a popular online plattform and post it directly to Facebook. So actually all i did was writing a dynamic post mechanism and told it which data sources belong to which Facebook pages.

That was easy. I’ve created like 20 pages with that sheme.

Pages... about?

My first thought was that i should be creating pages that i would like myself. Looking to my actual Facebook account i sometimes use that quest seems impossible as there are no likes at all. Still i tried it. I definitly would enjoy funny WTF pictures next to cute awww puppies in my Facebook wall (atleast more than 99% of the content i see currently). I figured if i like it, there has to be atleast some people that like it aswell who i can reach easily.

But smart as i sometimes appear to be i also created several different other pages just to see how they work out.

Getting that pages started

So i had my like 20 pages, powered by 20 bots who post pictures in a semi random way between a few minutes and 12 hours. But surely nobody would randomly show up to likeless Facebook page and like it. I tried different ways to get them started, i will start with the least productive ones:

  • Buying likes. It was not on this project, but it is a mistake i wont do again. I once bought some likes from a site which actually had good reviews and promised a international user base. What i got was way more than i wanted, first i got 1500 likes instead of 1000. Doesnt sound that bad, does it? But when looking into it there was not a single name i could pronounce and not a single name which could be fully written with the chars available on my keyboard. What i still dont get is that while most of those users were clearly fake, why didnt he just generate profiles that sound a little more international? Well f* that.

  • Buying likes on Fiverr. The smart guy i again was thought it cant be that bad on Fiverr, and probably there still are legit sellers i dont know. But what i got was more laughable that useable and clearly not worth the $5 when seeing other methods. I took both most positively reviewed people and got them to advertise one of my sites each. The first one shared my funny page with his 2million marketing based followers, yeah i didnt know that was his niche, it got me like 3 likes. The other one shared it with a varity of pages and groups ultimately in a similiar size like the other. Got me like 650 likes, again geographically completely useless names and what even surprises me more none of them is ever online.

  • Like4Like. I've used several like4like plattforms to get my most important pages over 25 user so i could claim a domain. If you just want some likes to impress your friends this is the way to go, but for anything else those are pretty useless. Atleast it doesnt cost that much and claims to be useful like the 2 examples before.

  • Facebook page ads. This works actually pretty well. Depending on the page and the audience i paid like $0.07 to $0.30 per like, sometimes this worked pretty fast. Sometimes the audience seemed to be not online at all. But it works. Also those likes are very konsistent, atleast those i got were.

  • Facebook post boosts. This clearly had the best results. While i have a like ration of 1/4 - 1/8 on images (i really do, i cant explain why...) the paid ratio was like 1/12 to 1/20 what i consider very good actually. Biggest problem is that they usually just like your single advertised post and move on. Not so many likes firing back to the actual page, but depending and what you are doing this can be VERY helpfull netherless

  • Spam. I didnt wanted to get into this in the start, until i got my first "s4s" (Share for share) requests on my own. Yes people on Facebook are used to spam each others "Guesbooks" and often the page admins even share your spam to their follower without you doing anything else than spaming their page. I also didnt ever notice someone removing my "spam" fast enough. It works also great to spam directly to image comments. Nothing could compete spam. When i do a normal "round" so spaming until Facebook stops me with "Please stop spamming" messages, i got more likes than with any other method and faster. Also those likes seem to be real, mostly.

So my best tipp actually is ask friendly pages with a similiar theme if they would be so kind to share yours. They usually do. If you are not in a social mood just spam the sh*t out of it it pretty much works the same but is not that friendly.

Maybe Facebook disallows that aswell, but they didnt do anything when i posted like 2000 nearly identical messages within a few hours. So meh, they dont really care about anything anyway.

Hard work vs. Self-Propelled

If you look at my current pages you probably would imagine i spend all my budget on one specific site. But that specific site, of a beautiful famous woman, exploded on their own. I did a small spam round, just to see like 30 likes even bevore i was done. It growed to 700 over night and to nearly 900 over the next days. I later did a small post boost on that page to see how that works out but it changed nothing, they are still coming at about the same rate. Currently about 10-25 users per day.

I know that could be way more, but i am still surprised it got that big so fast. I thought thats a process of months.

I have 2 more sites that kinda work this way. The followers sometimes share, often like and so expose it to their friends who again might get fans. Nearly all the other sites are practically stuck when i dont advertise or spam them in the moment. Keep in mind that they all have a similiar image frequency, style and quality. I am not yet sure why.

The unexpected

I mentioned above that i have a liking rate of 1/4 - 1/8. What means if 8 people see a image i posted on the page, after like 12 hours atleast 1 or 2 also would have liked it. As someone who never likes anything (wow that sounds cruel without context) i can not understand this. People see a random image, posted by a random spamer and think “oh hai, thats cute, like” and they do it all the day? Always again? Apparently yes, they do.

Another thing that i didnt expected, what also is a little weird and sad to watch are “Mass likers”. Usually thin white paled high school students or granddads who get to your site and in a timeframe of 20 minutes to a few hours like everything. Starting from the cover image, over the profile pic and any status you ever have written. I cant understand this ether, i think its awkward enough if you press like on a page for way younger good looking girl you never will get, even more awkward when the page is not even the orginal and clearly is just spamming pictures. But then liking everything while beeing a old dude with his grandchildren on the profile picture is just somewhat heardbreaking. Funny side node, elder people doing this are usually american.

This article

I wanted and still want to write down my experience with that Facebook pages. Please consider this article as somewhat uncomplete because i hopefully will add some more specific details to here. Also this is totally only how i experienced it, there may be other with similiar but different ideas who will tell you a very different story. This is no exact science, more a huge doggy playground with a lot of enthusiastic dogs running around who all want your attention, atleast for a second. Try selling something to those dogs what they dont need, you must have a good strategie for that to work.

Written: 21.10.2014
Keywords: facebook, likes, marketing, social

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