This is why instragram likes are worth virtually nothing.

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I did some Instagram'ing the other day

This needs a little back story, not because it is essential but because i would feel stupid writing something like this without it.

We have this secretary. Seems her hobby is not understanding anything in the first run and always shout “Häähhhh” to hear it again. Obviously this is annoying. She, lets call her our princess, also liked to argument with “I have N Instagram follower soo….”.

So a colleague and i had the idea that if we earn more Instagram follower over the weekend than she has, she would stop saying “Häähhh” for 2 months. If we loose we have to pay her a burger.

Obviously we could just have bought like 1000 likes and would have won, but where is the fun?

I’ll present InstaGrow

InstaGrow is a stupidly simple script that querys popular Instagram tags and follows anyone that you dont yet follow.

I guess most people get by now what i was going to do, for the rest: I assumed that Instagram Users are generally simple enough that they would just follow back if you followed them.

And they are!

My account had like 8 crappy pictures. 2 Showed my dirty keyboard from the near for example. Others showed snapshots of random things always with way to much stupid tags. Also my user description mentioned that this is just a experiment and i most likely will only post shit.

I have to assume nobody read my profile but for every 10 likes i did, i got at least 2-3 back.

I added to like random pictures as well, as the api limit only limits one kind of query at a time. My conversion rate was a bit lower, but 1-2 would follow back out of 10. (No idea why actually, i like your picture, you follow my crappy account? Why again?)

All of that brought me to the conclusion that Instagram likes actually should be way cheaper than facebook ones, because they are essentially worth nothing. I also learned that Instagram is really not about the Quality of your images, or even what they show. It seems it is just about who has more followers. I start to wonder if anyone is actually viewing all those pictures, or if they just comment on them once to gain yet another follower. I dont know, i dont care.

Sorrily we did not even win in the end. Not because the bot would not have been efficient enough, but because i messed up the API key and thought i got shadow banned.

This is my Instagram story, and most likely the last time i interacted with Instagram. Actually the most time i spend on Instagram has been in the API docs anyway.

Written: 10.02.2015
Keywords: instagram, insta, botting, bots

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