Or why using windows usually breaks my code after a week on a proper OS.

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Do you even pipe Microsoft?

First, please let me know if you have a simple solution. Also please let me tell you why i dont have tried everything yet. I am very used to breaking Windows installations. There are always small things that drive me crazy enough that i manage to break whole installations within hours, when i started at this company i promised to myself dont break this Windows 7 i have in front of me and so i live with all the small quirks that are there.

I got used to the error message telling me something about low profile storage. Yeah i just click it away all 30 minutes while at work. I already feel like a real windows user. Dont caring whats going on at least most of the software works most of the time. But what i cant get used to is the pipe character |.

Why microsoft? why?

Swiss German keyboards have the pipe char on 1 and the broken pipe on 7. Somehow Microsoft did not notice this and implemented it the other way around. I dont know why, actually i imagined other people already noticed this, but i rarely find anything about it. Again i guess windows people just live with the quirks they get.

But when i come back to this win 7 machine from a good programming session on the gold old superior os tm i tend to place half pipes everywhere ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦. And fuck me if i ever have to correct all my or-s again.


  • ALT-GR + 1 = |
  • ALT-GR + 7 = ¦

The exact opposite of what you are doing microsoft!

If you dont believe me just google (or bing it if that makes you feel better) swiss german keyboard, it gets very obvivious that microsoft, once again, just does not care enough to do it properly in the first place.

Just a few more hours and i am back to my machine. Whatever it runs Arch, Ubuntu or Fedora i can be sure all of them know that a internal keymap should at least fit to the drawn keys on the orginal keymap.

Written: 24.02.2015
Keywords: windows, pipe character, microsoft, windows 7

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