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My first steps in T-Shirt affilate marketing

Its time for a new blog post, i did some things recently but i’ll start with something that i did about 2 months before but i still think that was a great learning experience and even got me some decent money.

I was at home, it was like 2 am and suddenly i had a perfect quote for a t-shirt in my head. Its was entirely stupid but as i just recently started to worship the beard it seemed like a perfect opportunity. My quote was: “With great beard comes great responsibility”. Here is the link as long as it still works.

Why Teezily and not Spreadshirt?

I did go with Teezily as they were the only ones who have reasonable shipping costs within europe and even to Switzerland. (Most of you cant imagine how rare this is, international online shopping is still something not that usual at here.)

I read around and there quality seems well and i tried tweeting them and got a favorite within minutes what kind of shows they are actively working on this. Also they are way cheaper in printing than the others are.

Why so cheap?

I sold a t-shirt for €14.99 and a hoddie for €22.99. Both is incredible cheap in my opinion. I did read that i should not make the prices to big, but most of the tutorials were focused on the american market and i strictly decided to try the german market as it is way less oversaturated. I figured when i keep it relatively cheap i will at least sell all 10 shirts that i decided i will be able to do.

I did create some basic banners, it was like 3 am now. Then i directly uploaded them to Facebook Ads and set my max expenses to something around $40. The ad did work very well and in the morning i already had my first sell. 2 more in the afternoon, then about 4 days nothing until again 8 sells came in. Teezily helped by changing the value to something higher in the last hours so it would look more loved.

I also did run the whole campaign for 10 days. Today i know that is uneccesary, make the shortest possible and you most likely will get the same results, especially when just direct marketing anyway.

The result

I did earn €66. Considering i put $40 in that is really not that much, but extrapolate it and try to sell 150 shirts then we would talk about a bit more. Also my banners were more shit than optimated, i guess you can optimize your sales rate here as well.

In the end it was fun. I did sell my first T-Shirt without any more work than about 2 hours when i couldnt sleep anyway. I got back my whole money and a little extra. The extra was enough so i could have get a hoddie of mine for free for example, but sincerly, i didn’t buy my T-shirt anyway.

Weeks later i had this moment again, “I am a fucking Unicorn” would have been my next big thing, aiming even higher margins. But well, facebook decided this is not facebook friendly enough and i couldnt find a ad platform that could work similiar so that idea died pretty fast.

I would suggest that everyone who is into marketing tries this at least once. I think i learned some things and learned to understand some opportunities.

Written: 15.04.2015
Keywords: tshirt, direct affilate, affilate marketing, teezily

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