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A year of nothing? No, not at all

So a year of nothing on this blog, how did that even happen? Its not even that nothing happened, in reality a lot of blog worthy things happened. But somehow i did not feel like writing them down.

New Job, then no Job

After a while i did not like my first job after school, gladly they let me go (i am bad at knowing when its enough). I scored a job as Rails developer (Yay!) and build awesome Intranet systems and more for a year now. But CRUD day in day out gets boring too. So i quit that as well.

Many Projects

Did i ever write about ? Maybe i did not, when i created the site i did it because i was sad when my dog died and all i did was playing Minecraft for a while, noticing the need for a site like this. Today the site is in the world wide top 30k websites and adsense alone makes it worth having.

But for non gamers or people who havent played Minecraft in over a year (like me) thats boring.

I also created which aquired more than 200 users so far, I’ve created a dropshipping site that may is worth a future post (But its just the classic T-Shirt thing), i’ve worked on something i called but completely lost my initial idea while working on it until the current idea was shit (write your ideas down!)

And i also work on other things right now, that are not worth linking yet.


Between my job and my projects there was not much time left. I started to get really tired of the coorperate life. Most of my friends manage to scope around that, they somehow manage to accept shitty jobs or simply do not see a way to fix it anyway.

But the Minecraft site makes more money than people in more than 90% have in a month, so i started to question myself, what the fuck am i doing in Switzerland where this kind of money is not even enough for eating out every other day. Hence the website could not even finance my smoking addiction when we include the weed.

This really depressed me, i can be so glad about what i have, and still its just a drop in the ocean for my current life. Dont get me wrong, the living standard in Switzerland is awesome, but how should i know if this is even what i want?

Next step: Digital Nomad

So i throw my job away, saved the last money i could get and bought myself a plane Ticket to Thailand.

And this is where i am right now. Not on the beach with a fancy drink, but in my rather small apartment trying to scope with the heat while drinking a Chang and write a blog post.

And honestly, i love it.

Written: 09.10.2016
Keywords: life, depression

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