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One month in Bangkok

I never planned to go to bangkok. Most people i’ve met who have been only were there for transit for a few days and told me the same khaosan stories. But after i flew to Cambodia which involved a nightly flight over bangkok i knew i have to visit this city. As i did not like cambodia to much anyway and the flights back to bangkok were cheap i made it reality and went back to thailand.

This is why you dont plan such things, i ment i am going to travel SEA for 6 months now i am nearing my 4th month in thailand.

Arriving in Bangkok

Bangkok City

Everything was huge and kind of busy after cambodia and before that chiang mai. I was happy to have uber to drive me around because the average english skill from not only taxi drivers but everyone, was the worst so far. Later i realized that i even just arrived at the small airport and there is a even bigger one on the other side of the town.

No idea where to go i booked myself a shitty way to expensive room near the victoria monument and decided to start exploring from there. The balcony actually was just a half open wall from which i could barely only see the next house. It was hot and had barely natural light so after a little first exploring i informed myself and went out of the center to on nut which was not only way cheaper (i paid $300 for a month in a nice apartment) but also way more authentic.

Khaosan road

Khaosan Road sign

Before i changed my location i did my visit to khaosan. Its not that i was particual interested in it but ask anyone what is a must do in Bangkok and they will tell you khaosan road. My guess is it is just because it is the part of town where backpackers stay in cheap hostels and enjoy their beer in towers and whisky in cheap plastic buckets. To be honest i dont really see the point, in fact it was rather expensive beer compared to anywhere else in bangkok (except siam maybe).

I enjoyed the crazy t-shirt selection and the easy cheap street food while watching drunk farangs confusing fried scorpions with some kind of authentic traditional thai dish, that was really worth it.

Finding a place in Bangkok

Bangkok houses

As mentioned i went to on nut. On nut seemed reasonable because a) Near the skytrain b) Near the fancy Ekkamai c) Not to far from everything else. When i first arrived there and noticed the lack of farangs and especially short time tourists i did not feel to look any further and went on to find a apartment. Turns out it is not like in chiang mai where nearly every building offers monthly contracts. Most (some really nice) places told me away by explaining they only offer at least 6 month contracts.

After a while i finally found a places called Lee Garden Bangkok. 7/11 in front of the door, Bic C and Tesco just a short drive away. As well as laundry and food selections in every nearby side street. It cost me $300 a month plus a little extra for power and water (on which i saved a lot because i just got myself a fan instead of using the AC all the time).

Getting around in Bangkok

Yes most people i talked to just use a combination of moto taxis, uber, grab and the skytrain. But i missed the flexibility of a scooter so i got one in bangkok as well. Yes it is crazy to drive in bangkok but honestly it is pretty tame most of the time. Its not like cars are speeding, they usually stand on the streets and you can take your slow turns through them on your scooter. From what i got told most scooter accidents in bangkok are just scratches, and what would a farang like me do in bangkok if not having a accident as well? But later more to that.

The Skytrain is awesome. Seriously if you need to go anywhere more far i can only recommend using the skytrain and then calling a uber for the rest. Or even just take a moto taxi, while i usually avoided those for big streets because they drive like crazy (yes i know, they know what they are doing).

Uber and also taxis are still kind of cheap. So its really not hard to get around, even if you dont get a scooter how it is a must in many other places of thailand.

Chinese new year in Bangkok

Chinese New Year

Because of the mourning it surely was not the best year to enjoy the new year celebration in bangkoks very own china town. While there were many people i did not find anything like the parade i’ve read so much about. At least i got great food and some interesting teas in chinatown as well as visited a must see of bangkok, which i agree chinatown is.

Chinatown Bangkok

My second crash in Thailand

Scooter Crash

I love driving scooters, and i honestly believe i am not bad at it. And to be fair my first crash was more sliding away in gravel than a actual crash. But this time i was probably lucky to get out of it with just a few scratches, kind of. Some car speeded on my lane, forced me to change to a different lane where a taxi just speeded by with which i collided and then found myself spread accross the whole street.

I am still amazed how helpful the people are. Everybody stopped and helped putting my stuff together, asked me if everything is ok and how they could help me. One of my sandals was broken and my camera, which was mounted and filming the while time, was sorrily off and did not film anything of all that. Other than that i had the obgligatory scratches on all joints and was missing some pieces of my right toes. Other than that everything went well and the taxi driver was ok with 500 baht and no police. The scooter was ok as well, except a broken mirror which they happily replaced for 400 baht. The most expensive was the hospital visits for cleaning my toes because i wanted to avoid to do that on my own. But also there, 5 or more visits with pills and cremes for $150 is totally ok.

I still feel fucking lucky for that day.

So many things, way not enough time

A big amount of my time i worked finishing ForwardMX the other time i tried to make the best out of my stay. I’ve seen many parks, tempels and other stuff. I’ve visited a crocile farm, the docs, siam, ekkamai, and so much more. And still there are million things left to do.

The city is huge, i never have been in a city this big before not sure if there is a single local who has seen it all, or even half of it. Its chaotic in its very charming thai way.

Another thing i’ve noticed is that it is relaxed. I assumed the thai way of life does not work with such a big city but it does, but well in a unique bangkok way i guess.

Why not bangkok

Most people who recommended me to visit bangkok made it sound as it were a perfect 2 or 3 day trip. I strongly disagree, Bangkok is something you can enjoy quite a while and after only a few days you will not be able to enjoy the relaxed vibe which is a little hidden behind the metropolic business lifestyle bangkok represents these days.

I would and will recommend anyone to stay in bangkok for a while. It is amazing and probably a place i will settle down for a while in near future.

Written: 01.03.2017
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