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Nationality: Austria, but...

People ask me where i am from all the time. This is how travellers usually start to socialize. I however dont like this question. When someone asks me there is a some randomizer in me that ether picks austria or switzerland. Except when i am in the process of buying something then it is always austria.

I am born in austria, i was raised in austria, my passport says austria (directly after calling me a “citizen of the european union”, something i never asked for), i never identified with that country or gave a single fuck about their politics, in fact i can not agree with most decissions they made in the past years. And after all i was to young to vote anyway. But then i moved to switzerland.

As 16 year old in a foreign country i started to give a fuck about politics, i started to care about the countries history because its just fair to know the stuff of the place you live at and why it is how it is. I grow from a stupid teenager to a man in that country, but am i swiss? No.

How do i know you ask? That is easy, i am and always will be the austrian for the swiss people. When i travel with my swiss friends and someone asks where we are from they look at me in order to explain that i am not really one of them.

I can not even be mad about that. It is switzerland after all. They are proud about their identity and they are pretty much the most racist folks i ever dealt with. Glad i am austrian because somehow they feel a connection there, it must really suck for everyone else.

In 2 years i could apply for a swiss citizenship. Would i be swiss then? No, not at all. Even if i marry a swiss woman and get kids my kids would be half secondos and the half would be irrelevant. They would still be kids of a austrian and not “pure” swiss kids, and people would care about that detail.

Now i travelled through just a few countries in south east asia and slowly i forgot why i even cared to live in switzerland. Dont get me wrong it is a great place, but it will never be my real home. I never will be “one of them”. I am just as foreign here in asia as i’ve been in switzerland for the last 10 years.

Hello my name is Roman, i am from planet earth. I like and do things, just like you. Why do we even care about anything else?

Written: 12.03.2017
Keywords: nationality, austria, switzerland, world

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