Automate mouse and keyboard inputs.

For: Rubygems


I got frustrated while gaming, or better said, repeatingly clicking the space bar to “fight” while gaming. So i put a wrapper around xdotool in form of a ruby gem to automate several tasks for me. The name comes from the base idea that this gets a whole botting framework. But i did not yet figure out how i could do real time pixel analyzing without a CPU cluster, so may there is way more to come sometime in the future.

It basically features nearly everything xdotool would have but in a object oriented approach designed for and with ruby.

Additionally i added notifications trough libnotify.



sudo apt-get install xdotool
sudo apt-get install libnotify-bin # if you want notifications aswell.

gem install robobot

About me

My name is Roman Pramberger, i am a 20something years old developer from Austria, spending my youth in Bern, Switzerland. I spend my days creating *things.

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